The Importance of Typography in Graphic Design

We often forget to think about the simpler things when looking at graphic design. Typography can have a really big impact on your business and how it is portrayed.

Font Vs Typeface

  • A font is a grouping of typefaces that have similar characteristics.
  • A typeface is referring to an individual family member of that font.

When looking at what typeface to use you must look at who the end reader will be, for example, if this is going to be read by children you may want to use a large, bubbly font with a fun and educational feel to it.

Where to look next?

Most of the time a reader will need to know where to look next. For example, if you write a block of text left to right they will read the text left to right. It is the same if you draw their attention to the left, centre or right first.

If you want the reader to see a particular word first, you should draw their eye to it to do this you can use the formatting of the text (bold, italics, underline, spaces, distance, and bullets) these guide the readers and help them in arranging important chunks of information.  You can also use colour to place emphasis. Spacing can help assemble the text into separate pieces of information.

See example below:


In this example where DO YOU look first? Because of the way this is laid out and the different styles of the typeface, the first wording that should draw people’s eyes is ‘DO YOU’ and the last place viewers are likely to look is ‘HERE… OR HERE’. This is because of the changes in size and typeface of the font used.

Typography cannot be thought little of. If you are new to design, you may want to experiment with different styles of fonts and ask people what message they think it conveys, this will help you to make a choice when you are trying to convey a particular message.

Have fun with it and good luck!



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