Our copywriting and PR team is headed up by a former BBC journalist, who has been working in the industry for more than 30 years. Her experience and extensive media contacts can help to ensure your business is seen in the best light by the media and that the correct message is being delivered.


In the internet age it’s all about content. It’s important that your website, blog and social media channels are kept up to date, to keep your business at the top of Google’s rankings. The only way to achieve this is through sparkling, engaging up-to-date content. We offer a complete writing service for all your requirements, simply provide us with the raw information and we will turn it into interesting and exciting copy.

Keeping up to date with traditional media is also vital: we can write on your behalf for newspapers and magazines, plus provide text for prospectuses, leaflets and brochures.

Proof Reading

If you are writing your own content it is essential to get it checked before publishing, to ensure correct spelling and grammar. Even the slightest slip can tarnish your brand and result in your business not being taken seriously. This applies to all content – including online and print publications. Even checking social media posts is important, to avoid permanently recorded errors. And don’t forget to get any new signage double checked before signing off or it can be an expensive mistake.


If your business needs and extra boost which advertising can’t buy, you may want to consider taking advice from our PR team. We can draw up a comprehensive package to put your company in front of the right publications and broadcasters, with a proven track record of getting our clients into national and local newspapers, magazines, regional and network TV. We will draw up a print and online (or pdf) press pack which can be sent to publications which includes background on your business, your team, financial information, services and awards. This forms the basis of our PR service but can also be used if you are contacted directly by the media. We will write press releases on your behalf and endeavour put your story in front of the right publications.

Media Training

If you are involved with a business which might in the future have some contact with the media, you may want to consider some training to prepare your team. We work with a former BBC and ITV camera crew to provide you with the most current advice on crisis management, interview technique and the best way to get your message across. Our day’s training session includes practising interviews on camera, optimising your surroundings and appearance, avoiding common mistakes and understanding how TV and radio work.