Here at Sinclaire Knight, we’re all about delivering creatively-led graphic design solutions. So, we strive to provide a high level of creativity and commercial awareness. We create design that portrays the message it needs to, while still looking great.

New Website Design

Every new business has to start somewhere. However, without a website to show off what you offer, it will be a constant uphill struggle. Similarly, if you have a website that doesn’t accurately represent your business, it’s not living up to its potential. At Sinclaire Knight, we pride ourselves on the effective design and development of responsive, reliable websites.

Business Rebrand Design

We don’t stop at new businesses. There comes a time when a well-established business needs a refresh or would like to take a new direction. That’s where we come in. Refreshing a business brand can be more daunting than starting a new business, so Sinclaire Knight will ensure you have a clear direction in which you want to take your brand. Then, of course, we design and implement any changes as per your decision.

Graphic Design for Print Media

Despite the digital age, printed media is still a major player in the business world. Your business could be the most successful thing in the world, but it won’t be taken seriously without well-designed print. We have experience in managing the design, production and print of small to large scale multi-piece and multi-page productions. Therefore, whether it’s business cards or letterheads or something else, we’ve got you.


We can provide high standard, cost effective design for everything from corporate business card design, product catalogues and your commercial vehicle graphics. So, we’d love to hear from you! Whether it’s just a quick question or an in-depth meeting, we’re here for you. You’ll find our contact form by clicking here.

Graphic Design