We operate on a strict ‘need to know’ basis for all data that we work with, and that is particularly true for any personal data. The only people/organisations that are granted access to personal data are:

Employees of Sinclaire Knight Marketing who provide design and/or support services;

Our web hosting technology suppliers (Rackspace UK Ltd) who provide the physical server infrastructures that our website(s) operate on. We ensure that all servers in use reside physically either in the UK or EU, and that no customer data is transferred to data centres outside the EU.

Our cloud storage and technology supplier (currently Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Apple) whose services we use for secure backup storage and email relay services. We utilise AWS data centres within the EU (Ireland) for such purposes.

We have signed Data Privacy Agreements with all of the 3rd party technology suppliers above which detail our respective responsibilities for data security.

In all cases where our 3rd party service providers have an establishment outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), we ensure adequate protection of personal data via the accepted EU Model Contract Clauses or EU-US Privacy Shield framework.